no work…no money…no perspective

Hollow Hills, 04/20, 20×30 cm, acrylics, oil, pen & paper (collage) on canvas board

Gustave, 03/20, 30×20 cm, acrylics & color pencil on canvas board

Paul, 04/20, 29,7×21 cm watercolors, pencil, wax crayon & color pencil on paper

Skull early April, 04/20, 30×40 cm, color pencil & acrylics on canvas

Skull late April, 04/20, 88×61 cm, acrylics, sand & chalk on cardboard (mounted on wood)

„… these times are too trying to be positive…no work…no money…no perspective 🙁 
Apart from trying to put some classes online (which I hate!) I spend a lot of time in my studio drawing and painting. Here are some of the results. Take care, Kathleen.“

Kathleen Barberio

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